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Congratulations to this month’s Perpetua Athlete’s of the Month! Thomas and Niamh are both very dedicated member’s, they are always consistent with their training and have been making great progress recently! 

Meet Thomas


1> Where are you from?

Originally a Northside Dubliner, but married a Southy, now I live in Tallaght!

2> When you’re not at Perpetua what do you do for work and for fun?

I work as an software developer for anybody that’s willing to employee me to help pay for my kids food and clothes. (When not entertaining 3 crazy chislers) Fun for me is getting outside, anywhere in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains I am at my happiest.

3> How did you find out about CrossFit?

My crossfit journey actually started about 6 years ago when I joined a local gym. The coach had just come back from America with his Cert. Like all CF coaches, he was very enthusiastic. I liked the sound of it so I jumped straight in. That went on for about a year, then some other stuff happened in between. I then joined Perpetua summer of last year, and haven’t looked back….I’m actually a bit obsessed now….Coach McGregor can attest to that with my constant text messages….I make him work for my subs.

4> How long have you been a member at Perpetua?

Just over 6 months.

5>What are your fitness goals?

Overhead Squat….. Overhead Squat and maybe Overhead Squats….I just can’t do them.

6> What is your greatest achievement?

Cliché, my kids !….But a very close second was in 2015 I walked the length of Ireland in 14 days. I did one 65K walk in a day….darn near killed me

7> What or who motivates you?

My lack of ability to not be able to do the OH Squat, I will conquer that beast one day….but, I also get a lot of motivation from just being there in the class. It’s a great environment to be training in!

8> What is your favourite and least favourite WOD or movement?

Shall I say it again…..Overhead squat is my least favourite because I can’t do it…favourite…muscle up, cos’ it just looks super cool!.

Yes and I do. Advice, show up every day. Put in the work and you’ll see results. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, and admit to yourself, you’ll never be able to do as many reps as Poncho!

10> Favourite cheat meal?

Oh there’s so many….anything with Prawn Crackers.

11> Favourite thing about Perpetua?

It’s just a super place to train. The facilities, the people, the coaches and the equipment. The programming is exactly what you’d expect or want from Cross Fit. Challenging enough so that you walk away feeling that was tough going but not so much so that you won’t come back for more……and more…and more….

12> Bonus question: Most memorable or funniest moment at Perpetua?

No particular moment sticks out. However, you’ll always get a bit of a giggle of the lads from the 6am crew in the changing rooms. I generally don’t hang around too long, but long enough to leave with a smile on my face (that doesn’t sound right at all, does it ?)…..Oh, and I once broke a 15kg plate with my bare hands (so I’ve heard).

Anything else to add?

This is deep, so I apologise in advance…Perpetua has changed my life. Prior to those first 5 weeks of fundamentals with Captain Pain, I was a very unhealthy, overweight, 20 a day smoker. I’d been through a very rough 3 years previously and was on a very dark path. I made a decision to take action and that started with just a simple mail to the guys in Perpetua. My journey to “real” fitness began and 6 months later, I can honestly say, I am as fit as I have ever been. Yes, a lot of this is to do with me getting out of bet at 4.57 (yes, I do need those extra couple of minutes) and showing up for class 5 times per week but I owe a lot to the gym and the coaches. So a big thank you to everyone at Perpetua. The pleasure is all mine.


Meet Niamh



1> Where are you from?

Originally from Limerick

2> When you’re not at Perpetua what do you do for work and for fun?

In Spring & Summer I play tag rugby & I can also be found on the golf course or driving range.

3> How did you find out about CrossFit?

I tried it out once in 2012

4> How long have you been a member at Perpetua?

Almost a year

5> Why do you do CrossFit?

I like the variety of weights, gymnastics and all the other skills

6> How often do you train?

Usually 4 times a week

7>What are your fitness goals?

Muscle up & handstand walk…. by 2020 maybe!

8> What is your greatest achievement?

Making it to 6:20am class feels like a small achievement every morning

9> What or who motivates you?

The other 9 people in any class I’m in, everyone always works really hard so it’s a great environment!

10> What is your favourite and least favourite WOD or movement?

Least favourite is burpees, favourite is anything with a barbell, I’m enjoying learning more about Oly lifting!

11> Would you recommend CrossFit to your friends and family? What advice would you give them starting out?

Absolutely, I’m always trying to recruit them!
I’d tell them to have some fun & work hard & maybe try not to complain about the things you don’t like because if you keep avoiding them they get worse and more scary!

12> Favourite cheat meal?

Base Pizza or Mooch

13> Favourite thing about Perpetua?

The coaches and the members… especially the 6:20’s!

14> Bonus question: Most memorable or funniest moment at Perpetua?

My favourite part of the week is King Kongs with the 6:20’s on Friday mornings.
waterfalls with the perpetua crew on WOD holidays!
Anything else to add? (optional)

Greg gave me the most critical piece of advice last year shortly after I joined perpetua, I can’t fully remember it but it goes something like ‘more plates more dates..’

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