Congratulations to Perpetua Athlete of the Month – Sarkhan

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Congratulations to Perpetua’s Athlete of the Month – Sarkhan!

Sarkhan has only been at Perpetua 6 months but has made a huge impact upon the community here and the workouts (!) with a massive performance at this years Open.  Sarkhan is leaving us at the end of the Summer and is going to be missed by everyone here at Perpetua!

Meet Sarkhan


1> Where are you from?
I’m from a small town in Russia called Novouralsk, the closest big city is Ekaterinburg.

2> When you’re not at Perpetua what do you do for work and for fun?
I work in a video game company Riot Games. My background is in Quality Assurance and I’m currently supporting Riot’s global releases on multiple platforms for all European languages. I’m relocating to Los Angeles to continue my work with more global focus. For fun, I read and watch science stuff, gaming with friends, going out to explore the wildness of nature.

3> How did you find out about CrossFit?
I’ve been working out and competing since young age. For the past several years it was all about bodybuilding. My training was focused on increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat %. I got really bored of that lifestyle and started to lose motivation in training. About a year ago I started following some top CF athletes and it caught my attention. At the end of last year I decided to give CF a go and it was definitely the right decision!

4> How long have you been a member at Perpetua?
6 months.

5> Why do you do CrossFit?
I believe it’s the perfect match for competitive people like myself. There’s always something to learn, improve and get better at. I like the sense of challenge on every single class. I love the fact that a daily WOD is never the same. I discovered Olympic weightlifting thanks to CF and I absolutely love it. The community aspect of CrossFit is something I’d never seen before. The concentration of friendly, supportive and genuinely nice people per square meter is extremely high.

6> How often do you train?
Usually 6 days / Week (sometimes twice per day). I try to do a CrossFit class in the morning and some type of lifting in the evening.

7>What are your fitness goals?
I want to become the best I can possibly be – stronger, faster, more flexible while maintaining relatively low body fat %. Perfect the technique of all complex gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting movements. But honestly, the main goal is to be able to do this for a very long time, so longevity is probably the main long term fitness goal.

8> What is your greatest achievement?
Getting my first ring muscle-up a few weeks ago and then doing a few more was really rewarding!

9> What or who motivates you?
My inner desire to be better is the main driver and source of motivation.

10> What is your favourite and least favourite WOD or movement?
Favourite – Rowing. I don’t have least favourite movements right now, I just have things I need to get better at.

11>Would you recommend CrossFit to your friends and family? What advice would you give them starting out?
I would absolutely recommend CrossFit as an all around great strength and conditioning program to anyone. First rule of CrossFit, you always talk about it, right? 🙂 Piece of advice for new starters: stay safe, listen to coaches and be patient – progress will happen if you stay consistent and injury free.

12>Favourite cheat meal?
Good italian pizza. As honorable mention – Bunsen with sweet potato fries, it never gets old 🙂

13> Favourite thing about Perpetua?
One word – People. Friendly, supportive and motivating.

14>Bonus question: Most memorable or funniest moment at Perpetua?
The 2016 Open aftermath party was both FUN and memorable. THE SPIRIT was there!

Anything else to add?
I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with many of you and hope to see you either in Santa Monica or when I will inevitably come to visit Dublin.

Watch Sarkhan beasting it through “Death By Burpees” WOD a few weeks ago here

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