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It has recently come to my attention that I have never given you a dessert recipe. Over the months, there have been lunches, dinners, breakfasts, and side dishes. We have featured the humble yet heroic sweet potato, my legendary Calphalon frittata pan, and we even let the mister into the kitchen to put together a recipe for us. In all this time, I have never, NOT ONCE, given you something to satisfy your sweet tooth. And for that CFSLers, I am deeply sorry and I owe you an explanation.

 The reason for the lack of pudding is not because I don’t think you should ever have desserts. Hells to the no! Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably not a good idea to have a massive slice of cake towered high with icing after every meal, but let’s be realistic. If you’re anything like me, you crave something sweet every so now and again. After a long day, I have been known to destroy bars of Green & Black’s 85% dark chocolate in minutes…

My excuse is….


I’m not very good at making desserts…

There! I said it! It’s just not my forté!  And I always thought that if I can’t make beautiful, awe-inspiring desserts with all the sugar and flour and cream, how am I going to make a clean version that’s tasty enough for you to proudly share with your friends and family??

So this week, I took on the challenge of finding and preparing a quality, clean dessert and, judging from the reviews of my friends, I think I conquered it.

My fellow athletes, I give you the wondrous Chocolate Pie with Raw Graham Cracker Crust. I almost pulled a muscle patting myself on the back there. Taken from The Paleo Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook, this recipe was crazy simple, required a minimal number of ingredients and looks pretty impressive on the plate, ticking that awe-inspiring box!

Tuck in – it’s lush

x Maria aka T-Rex the Chocoholic

Chocolate Pie with Raw Graham Cracker Crust 

What you’ll need for the crust:

200 g walnut pieces
Approx. 8 soft, pitted Medjool dates
2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt

 What you’ll need for the filling:

2 cups (approx 4 tins) coconut cream (just the thick stuff on the top)
Approx 16 soft, pitted Medjool dates
6 ounces dark chocolate, melted (I used 2 bars of Lindt 70% dark chocolate. 70% is about as dark as you should go or else it gets a bit grainy)
½ cup melted coconut oil
4 tsps vanilla extract

NB Both the filling and crust ingredients have been doubled from the original recipe. I had a rather large springform pan and the original recipe didn’t quite fill it up.

 NB x 2 Do you know how to melt chocolate? Fill a small saucepan about ½ full with water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Break up chocolate in a pyrex bowl and put over the saucepan with simmering water. Stir constantly until chocolate almost completely. Remove from the heat and keep stirring, allowing the remainder of the chocolate to melt. Do not microwave and be sure to keep a close eye as it melts. There’s nothing in the world worse than burnt chocolate!

Let the fun begin…

  • Start by making the crust. Put the walnuts, dates, cinnamon and salt in a food processor and whir until very fine.
  • Press the processed mixture into the bottom and halfway up the sides of a springform pan. It should be sticky so holds together pretty well.

(I had some extra crust ingredients left over which I rolled into balls, covered in toasted coconut chips, baked for a few minutes in the oven and has a Naked Bar-esque snacks!)

  • Set the pie crust to the side and clean your food processor as you’ll need it for the filling
  • Melt the chocolate first, then start the coconut cream melting and then the coconut oil, all over medium to med-low heat.
  • Add the chocolate, coconut cream, coconut oil, dates, and vanilla to your newly clean food processor and blend until smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into your prepared, crust-lined springform pan and put the finished pie into the fridge to chill until set (approx. 2 hours)
  • Using your fingers or a flat-ish spoon, lick the food processor clean of any remaining filling.

No dessert recipe ever says this explicitly, but you know that every single person making a dessert does this. And if you say you don’t, you’re either lying, or missing out on one of the best experiences life has to offer.

Serve with berries of your choosing (we used raspberries) and try not to eat the entire pie in one sitting!

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