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Hey all, We want to invite all members to come and join us to celebrate the close of the Crossfit games Open 2012. We will be doing the last workout 12.5 on Saturday and we want all competitors and members to come and support. We are currently ranked 28th and we need to finish n the top 30th to qualify for the regionals. We will be a have food after the workout, John Montgomery will be providing the food for us.We will give you the rest of the details in the coming days. Please try your best to get down and support.

Where: CFD Blackrock

When: Saturday the 24th @ 1.00pm

Workout of the day:

Take 15-20 minutes to find new 1rm in the Clean & Jerk

ARAMP in 8 minutes of:
4 Ground to Overhead 80/50kg
8 Pull-Ups

Rediscover the Jerk
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