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JUST IN! PurePharma’s M3!

PurePharma have developed a product range to help increase strength and to improve athletic performance and recovery. Formulated to work synergystically with each other; 03, M3 & D3 are of exceptional quality and have been designed with the athlete in mind.

03 – reduces inflammation and speeds up recovery.
M3 – improve performance.
D3 – improves immunity and supports vital organs.

M3 is the latest addition to the range. Magnesium is expelled from the muscles during exercise. It is an essential mineral for normal muscle function, and plays a central role in the conversion of carbohydrates. Overall, it aims to improve work capacity, working to improve endurance, maximise protein synthesis, increase anaerobic performance and also to increase strength. It is also combined with zinc (for rebuilding muscle after exercise) which is lacking in the modern diet. Zinc deficiency affects approximately two billion people globally and is associated with many diseases.
PurePharma products are designed to enhance the effectiveness of eachother. Give it a try and see how your performance improves!

Available now at Blackrock and Town for just €23.
Workout of the day:

4 sets of:
Power Clean cluster

Rest 10secs between reps

15 Hang power cleans 60/40
20 Burpee lateral jumps
25 Thrusters 60/40
20 Burpee lateral jumps
15 hang power cleans

Level 2 50/30
Level 1 35/20

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