Crossfit – Intermittent Fasting.(IF)


Intermittent Fasting.

Sounds like the worst thing ever, right?  Starving yourself on purpose?

Well, if you’ve been unsuccessful at losing weight, if you’ve lost weight but you’ve hit a plateau, or if you just want to try something new, this might be the jump start you need. I have started this with my clients in France and to my surprise it has worked beyond belief. We are dropping 2% BF per week  with 6 days of training and one 24hr of fasting this is achieving unbelievable results. Photos to follow soon…..

Diets – Six Meals For better metabolism ?

For years, the concept of lots of small meals throughout the day really clicked with me.

If you space out your meals evenly, keep your calorie count low, you’ll lose weight, right?  Lots of people follow the “eat multiple meals a day” ideology and lose weight, so it works.  Less calories, more meals, evenly spread out.  It makes sense.

However, I’ve recently done some research and reading on IF…which also makes a lot of sense to me.  By not eating every once a while, your body has to burn the fat in your system for energy, which would lead to weight loss.  Also, by not eating for twenty four hours, you’re pushing your body into a calorie deficit, which also leads to weight loss.  It makes sense.

So, how can these two seemingly conflicting ideologies both make sense?Simple – they both allow your body to burn more calories than you consume.  And, if other research on the body’s physiology while fasting is to be believed, there are multiple other benefits as well.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

IF is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you purposely avoid eating for a twenty-four hour period (or two) during the week. Why?  Because recent studies have shown that your metabolism operates more on a marathon basis (how many calories consumed over a long period of time) than on a sprint basis (what you ate yesterday).  Think long term when it comes to calories consumed and burned, not short term.

How Does it Work?

Our bodies are genetically engineered to deal with feast or famine.    Our bodies need fuel to operate, and if there isn’t any food in the stomach to pull from, it uses the fat stored within the body for energy.  The fat gets burned for energy, the body keeps moving, and becomes leaner.

Secondly, because of these skipped meals, you are putting your body into a calorie deficit .Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so start thinking of your calories more in terms of weekly units rather than daily amounts, if that helps.  More calories burned compared to calories consumed = weight loss!

Here is a video the will explain to you the similarities between fasting an exercise

How Do You Do It?

Simple: pick a day (or two) per week and purposely skip breakfast and lunch, and then eat a normal dinner. – for example, a fast on Monday, and then another one on Thursday.  Liquids are okay on fasting days, just not ones with calories ie the supplement you are taking.  WATER GOOD

If you’re used to eating a LOT of food, and you normally eat a big breakfast, this is going to be a pretty big drastic change.  Start by skipping breakfast and see how your body reacts to it.  If you can handle that, work your way up to skipping breakfast and lunch.  I’m not saying you should skip breakfast and lunch every day.  Eat normally five days a week, try a fast one of the other days for a few weeks and see how your body reacts.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

A recent article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gives a great overview of these benefits which include decreases in blood pressure, reduction in oxidative damage to lipids, protein and DNA, improvement in insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, as well as decreases in fat mass.”  This study discusses studies done with humans specifically.

Risks of Intermittent Fasting

So, all we see so far are GOOD things about not eating for a full day. What MIGHT be bad about it? First off, I can see myself getting extremely hungry to the point of annoyance when starting out this process.  So you’re hungry, fatigued, irritable. Fasting is not very comfortable. People try to cut back one day and the next day they’re starving and they overeat.”

If you have the time look at this programme from horizon it should help you make you own mind up on IF

Eat, Fast and Live Longer (science proving that 2 days of fasting can be super beneficial)


Press – 15 mins to find new 1rm

5 rounds
15 Toes to bar
200m run

ADV – Add 3 UNBROKEN muscle ups to each round



Front squat  3rm


Ten Minute Capacity Test (rest 1 min between each)
4 min row for max cal
3 min pull ups
2 min back squat at bodyweight  M body weight F.75bw
1 min shoulder to overhead 60/40

Level 1 Squat M .75bw F .50 bw – STO 45/30
Level 2 Squat M .50 bw F .25 bxw – STO 35/20



Customs goals training

Five sets of:
1 Hang Snatch + 1 Power Snatch
Rest as needed between sets



30 snatch for time – 60/40

Level 1 45/30
Level 2 30/20



“Run Fran run”
21 truster 45/30kg
21 pull ups
run 400m
15 truster
15 pull ups
run 400m
9 truster

Level 1 – 35/22.5 kg

Level 2 – 25/15kg

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