Ok so we’ve ran rowed skipped and lifted… Now its time to crawl..!!!!!

On saturday the 18th of August we plan on meeting in Tonic in Blackrock at 3pm to start our crawl towards CF Central.. We will be starting in Tonic in Blackrock and making our way to the city centre stopping along the way for some light refreshments..!! With so much time spent working out together and competing against each other its time we decided who’s really got what it takes..!! This is great opportunity for people to get to know each other and meet some of our most recent members.. I know what your thinking that you’ve probably got your own mates to socialise with.. But the harsh reality is that they are just not as cool as us..!!
There will be a couple of requirements for saturday,

1. Your finest drinking hat
2. Some of your finest banter(non toxic)
3. A hollow leg
4. A rubber arm
5. Pair of beer goggles
6. Your company’s credit card
7. A song you can sing
8 A sick note for work on Monday
9. The capacity to eat 12 burgers at 2 am
10 Dancing shoes

We have notices up on both boards in both gyms. If you are going to take part in our Crossfit Crawl please write your name down so we will wait for you in Blackrock…Any not attending will require a doctors cert..!! Notes from Albert will not be accepted unless they directly affect your drinking arm..!

Love always,


If you need to join up along the way or running late just call me 086 8072439




Partner wod

5 rounds each
10 overhead squat 45/30
20 kb swings 24/16
30 sit ups

Level 1 35/20 – 16/12
Level 2 25/15 – 12/8
ADV – 55/35

Rest 5mins

Max burpees in 3 mins
Both partners working at the same time to get max reps for team


Press – 15mins build to a new 1RM

5 rounds
15 Toes to bar
200m run

ADV – Add 3 UNBROKEN muscle ups to each round

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