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Dougie in flight at the LTD

Here is an email which Conan sent to us yesterday, a insight in to the experience the CFD team had over in london.

Hey Mick/Dave,

Just wanted to drop you both a line after the weekend the whole team
had at the London Throwdown.

It goes without saying that given the position we finished in the
whole experience was absolutely amazing and extremely challenging. We
were literally walking out the front door after the semi final event
of team Fran battered and bruised when I watched one of the staff put
the list of teams going into the final on the wall and saw Crossfit
Dublin listed on the sheet. I literally said out loud ” Ah for fuck
sake!” to which the other judges, athletes and teams around me said
“what’s wrong!, you should be happy and celebrating” “yeh lads but
were all fucked” i replied……… To say we were the walking wounded
would be an understatement! I felt like I had been awake for two days
without sleep and was operating on fumes, maddog had his shoulder on
ice, Shiv and Criona had their coats on and bags on their shoulders
literally walking out the front door and Doug was basically in a
wheelchair when they heard the news.

The final itself was extremely difficult to say the least, 90kg
deadlift for girls and 140kg for men, squat snatchs, sled pulls,
burpees, box jumps and dumbell thrusters after 5 workouts in two days
but we all got through it really well and as a team. The semi final
was our best event and was the team Fran. We were one of three teams
who decided to think about our approach to the workout and decided to
do 5 reps of thrusters each and keep that rotation for the whole
workout. On the pull ups myself, Doug and Maddog were able to get
10-20 in the bag and everyone kept the intensity up for the thrusters
till the very end. Everyone emptied the tank completely on that wod
and we finished in 7th place out of the top 20 teams in the UK.

Some other stats of our performance:

We finished in the top ten of all teams in 7 of the ten events
Of the 3 events in which we didn’t finish inside the top ten 2 of
those were 11th place finishes, the other was a 38th place finish
We actually finished 5th in the final event even though the
leaderboard doesn’t show it!

When you consider these results I think our performance is even more
impressive and I think the whole team are blown away with how well we
actually did. If you had of seen the size of the teams that we were up
against it would have intimidated anyone, Doug actually looked average
size wise if you can believe that, and their lovely matching outfits
were something to behold as well (Lads, need to sort kit our for
future teams!!). But this didn’t faze any of us, we just played to our
strengths and went at it to the best of our ability on each wod and it
paid off.

To put things in a different perspective lets think of the team that
we actually had. Doug was one of the most powerful athletes in the
whole competition, Maddog would have held is own against any of the
men in the competition, Shive and Criona could have competed in the
individual female competition and done really well, their performances
were literally unbelievable and me! Well I would not have been there
strength wise with many of the other team competitors but I was able
to do enough for the team in the strength workouts to keep us in the
game and we finished in the top 10 on all the body weight movement
events which is why i was there in the first place. All in all we
complimented each other perfectly and the results show it.
Another outstanding fact is that myself and Criona joined CFD together
1 year and 7 months ago. When we joined we were no fitter than any joe
soap off the street or any of the new clients that you guys have on a
monthly basis. Our hard work and constant effort to get better and
improve has taken us an unbelievable distance in this relatively short
period of time but the most important and constant thing in all of
this is the CFD programming and the coaching. Our results individually
together with the performance of our team is basically complete proof,
verification and evidence that the programme you guys are running is
of the highest level out there. The whole team discussed throughout
the weekend how prepared we all were for the workouts we faced and how
good it shows our programming and coaching has been and continues to
be on a daily and weekly basis.

It must be a sign of our Irish modesty that none of us knew, not the
athletes or you guys, how well we would do and how balanced we all are
as crossfitters but this last weekend has proved it for everyone. If
you think of the athletes in our boxes that were not actually there, I
think the potential for further success is even more exciting.
All in all I want to say a big congratulations to both of you guys for
all your hard work over the last three years in getting this business
and programme up and running. The results of your work are now on the
map throughout Europe and the whole team hope that this is start of
CFD competing far more frequently in any events that come up over the
next few years.

Finally I trust that both of you will no doubt take great pleasure in
providing each team member with a complimentary prize of a new t-shirt
and hoody to congratulate us on our achievement and to compensate us
for the free advertising we offered your business over the weekend 🙂

Talk soon,

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Workout of the day:
AMRAP 7 minutes:
6 burpees
20 double unders
6 chin ups

rest 3 mins

AMRAP 7 minutes
5 power snatch 35/25
10 overhed squat 35/25
10 hand release push ups

rest 3mins

AMRAP 7 minutes
8 push press 35/25
8 kb swings
8 wallballs 10/6

Videos of the london throwdown

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