Crossfit AMRAP X 3

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Mindbody Registration & Info:
Registration is easy just go to a class you think you are planing on attending click on “Sign up now” and that will take you through the registration process, after you have registered once you will have a user name and password for all future registrations.

The reason for the this program is to keep the classes to a capacity where quality is maintained and we can give you the client the time you need and deserve in a class.
It allows us and you to see your attendance. It also allows for wait list, so if a class is full and you sign up to be on the wait list you will be put in a que and when someone cancels you will receive an email letting you know that you have been given a space in the class.

So please click here and register now, please all start to using this asap as this will be in swing come the 1st of Feb.

Any problems setting up please email me,

Thanks Dave

Workout of the day:
Amrap in 7 mins
2 Hspu
6 ttb
8 kb swings
10 lunges

rst 5 mins

Amrap in 7 mins
10 deadlift 50/35kg
10 box jumps
10 sit ups

rest 5min

Amrap in 7mins
5 H.P.Snatch 35/20kg
5 ring dips or push ups
100 m run

Thoughts on Recovery – Part 2
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