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Health and fitness is built nutrition...

We have always maintained that in order to see the best gains in your performance in and out of the gym, your nutrition should be the focal point. You do not get better from working out, you get better by recovering from a workout. Proper nutrition helps you recover faster, which in turn makes you perform better.  Like it or not nutrition is the foundation to a healthier life .

We do not preach any one diet, although diets can help people stick to a program better and we suggest certain ones to people from time to time; Paleo, Primal, Zone, etc.  However, it is easy to get stuck on one diet looking at scales and points and calories and other numbers that ultimately mean nothing in your overall health and wellness.

The easiest thing to prescribe is to eat natural foods such as lean meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. That’s the easiest way we can say it and the fastest way to recovery, muscle gains and fat loss.

We just rapped up our Look good feel good challenge last week and the result show average of 5% drop in body fat with and 15% increase in work capacity .This all happened in 30 days so imagine what could take place in 60 days .

The winner of the challenge was Conour Sweetman with the most improved score in BF% and work capacity.

Body fat % went from 28% to 23%. And the work capacity went like this:

23rd January 2012 20 February 2012
– Clean: 27Kgs
a. 20 (6kg)
b. 40 (16lbs)
c. 32 (20″)
d. 31

Total: 154

– Clean: 36Kgs
a. 41 (6kg)
b. 47 (16lbs)
c. 40 (20″)
d. 32

Total: 196

The scores above tell the story in relation to what we hoped to achieve by the challenge. It was also a platform for the challenge takers to educate them selves by asking questions around the food choices and the long term effects food has on our bodies. Knowledge is power as you all know so you should have it around what food you are choosing to take in.

We are always trying at CFD to come up with easy ways for you to improve your eating habits. So we have decide to start a monthly shopping list for you. If we buy in bulk we can get better prices for us all as a group. Below is a shopping list of foods , supplements and drinks. At the end of each month you will place an order with us and we will build the box for your monthly supply. Also you read about John Mogoverns new venture into Paleo meals made to order. This will be done separately from CFD you will just contacting John your self and he will drop your weeks supply into the gym and away you go. The list will grow as we go but for now here what’s available.

Shopping list


Coconut water 1ltr – case of 12  – €50

Coconut milk 1ltr – case of 12 –        –


Recovery – Progenex €52 –

Protein –  Progenex €60

Fish oils – Pure pharma €25 –

Vit d – Pure Pharma €17.50

Paleo snack meal

Naked ape – packs of 3.75 –

Cave man jerky 250g – €6

Nuts kilo – Fruit fellas €13-€15

This a GOOD idea guys so get behind it , we are all benefiting from this, both financially and physically and the proof will be in your improved performance at the  daily WODS.

Workout of the Day:

4 Sets
Power snatch cluster
Rest 2-3 mins
For time
Power clean 50/30
Box Jumps

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