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**Crossfit Dublin Central Notice**
Guys from now on we will be doing a skill/mobility/make up day in CFDC
We all have issues with certain techniques and we all have issues with mobility so this is the main focus for this but you can make up any workouts the from the previous Thursday.

*Crossfit Games – Open workout 1*

If you competing in the open , we start at 10.30 this saturday and will go till 12.30.When you arrive in do the warm up at your own time and when ready we will have some to judge you.If your not competing there is still a 8.30 class going on but no strength or 11.30 this weekend.Also your support is very welcome by all athletes competing . They will need it as the 5 weeks unfold.Good luck to all and get it done !

Workout of the day:
Squat snatch cluster x3
Rest 3 mins b/t sets


For time:
21 – 15 – 9
Deadlift 80/50kg

CrossFit Games Update Pre-Show
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