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The Burgener Warm Up
Mike Burgener
19 May 2005

when learning the olympic lifts for the first time i have found that the following warm up is very helpful learning bar path requirements in snatching. there are several steps in this warm up protocol. before we go into this warm up, all students are taught foot position: jump (feet under your hips) land (feet 2″ outside hips with bent knees weight on heals.) practicing jumping and going to landing is essential in the understanding of: CREATING MOMENTUM AND ELEVATION ON THE BARBELL THRU A RANGE OF MOTION!! understanding that the barbell in the snatch position is approximately 8-12″ above the head (a wide grip) and is held by using the hook grip (thumb around the bar, fingers around the thumb)

power shrugs x 3 (down and up, just like jumping) +
power shrug+elbows high and outside x 3 (down and up, continue pulling elbows high and outside in order to keep the bb close to body) +
power shrug+elbows high and outside + muscle snatch x 3 (same as above but continue to the overhead position) +
muscle snatch + land (feet 2-3″outside hips with bent knees) x 3 +
overhead sqt x 3 +
pressing snatch balance x 3 +
heaving snatch balance x 3 +
snatch balance x 3

if you have taken the club coach course or the crossfit certification seminar this will refresh what you have learned already. if you have not taken these courses, contact me for detailed description of each phase.

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