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Soft ‘n juicy chicken

– lots of chicken breasts

– salt

– herbs (any combination of paprika, curry, ginger, kurkuma, mustardseeds etc)

– something to cook in

First figure out how many chicken breasts you can fit in your oven and your oven-dish. Then find a frying pan that will hold the same amount. Cover every inch of the meat with salt and herbs. Heat up the frying pan and add your cooking fat. Lay your chicken breasts in long enough for them to develop a nice brown herby skin. Transfer them from the frying pan to your oven-dish and cover it with aluminium foil (that’s what keeps it so soft ‘n juicy). Leave them in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

Eat them for dinner with some veggies on the side, put them in a big lunch salad the next day and eat a piece cold for a snack (with a slice of brie if you can tolerate it).

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