CrossFit Dublin vs CrossFit Perpetua: The John Mehigan Cup

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On Saturday 21st June we, at Crossfit Dublin hosted our first in house competition against our sister club Crossfit Perpetua in South London, this marked the first chapter of the inaugural John Mehigan Cup,
John was a close friend of both gyms who sadly passed away this year after a long battle with a brain tumour. Michael explains here why we’ve chosen to name our trophy after him.


“John was a modern day warrior. Life handed him the short straw and his response was to meet it head on with humour, grit and acceptance. His courage will never be forgotten, it was something I was lucky enough to witness. He knew exactly who he was and I loved him for it. That’s why we honour him with this home and away throw-down between CrossFit Dublin and CrossFit Perpetua”.


CFD vs. CFP.

The competition was a team event. CFD and CFP each created four teams, each team consisting of two guys and one girl.
Once we heard news of the upcoming competition we went out choosing our teams. The teams where made up of a mixture of CFD members and coaches VS CFP members and coaches.
Going in to the competition we knew we had a great day ahead of us. There is a strong sense of community within CFD, and we were looking forward to representing our club, ready to kick ass.

The Competition
We all gathered at CFD on the Saturday morning where we met the guys from CFP. Immediately there was a great buzz in the gym. Everyone integrated quickly, and were chatting, joking around and waiting (nervously) for the workouts to be announced. No one knew what was in store for us!

Once we heard what was on the cards for the day, we began to warm up. There was no set plan but everyone stuck together. There was a quick bond between the two gyms, getting to know each other, talking strategies and of course a lot of “smack talk” in there too.

Let The Games Begin
Before we knew it, down went the clock 3, 2, 1… and we were into the first workout. The first workout was 8 minutes to reach a max clean and jerk. Each member of the team would reach their max lift and the team’s total score would be added together.
The judges for the day included Andy (CFD Coach) and Gemma (CFD) and Rusty (CFP) who were both due to compete but got injured in the weeks coming up to the competition.

It is safe to say that with the atmosphere created by the two groups, big lifts, and huge energy…there was a lot of “PRs” hit that day.

Now through the first workout, nerves were gone, everyone was fired up set to go on the “dreaded medball run”, rivalry and careful strategizing began to kick in, eyeing up the other team trying to create the best strategy for workout 2.
A lot harder than expected we managed to get through the medballs and chipper.
Two workouts down and one to go scores where tied with 3 teams in first place, two representing CFP and One for CFD. Although it didn’t stop here, there was still one workout and everyone was fighting to climb up the leader board.
In-between the workouts there was great banter with the guys from CFP which really created a good environment to workout in. There was a great mix of standards between coaches and members and everyone had someone to compete against.

“Oh Shit”
The Final Wod was kept a secret till the end of the day. This was the decider for all the teams to get their place on the leader board and most importantly to put a stamp on which club “kicks more ass”.
The Last workout consisted of 3 workouts. Each member of the team would complete one workout. When the first member completed their workout they would tag their team mate in to start the second who would then tag in the third member of the team. This was the final hurdle of the day. With broken bodies teams came together discussing who was best at each workout, or more like who was best at convincing their team mates why they shouldn’t have to do “Fran”(This was the 3rd and last part of the final workout).

3, 2, 1… Next thing you knew the first workout had started and you were watching the clock, watching the other teams and waiting to get tagged in. Everyone anxiously waiting and wanting to get involved.
With only 4 teams competing at a time the gym was filled with shouts and cheers as CFD and CFP teammates encouraged each other on. Mid workout there was no hiding, pushed to their limits, everyone gave it their all, tagged their next team mate in and fell over to take a break. Right to the end the whole gym was roaring as we finished the last workout of a great day.

With a very tight finish the “Dream team” Dave Price (CFD coach), Jamie Headon (CFD coach), and Jess Long (CFD member)) representing CFD took the title with CFP Michael Price (CFD coach), James “ozzie” Osborne (CFP coach), and Kyla Hamilton (CFP member)) coming close behind in second place. Right down the leader board to eight place CFD and CFP where closely matched.

It Doesn’t End There
To finish off the day we all headed down to the Irish Sea to have a freezing cold swim and then off to the pub for a “recovery beer”.

The CFD vs. CFP competition was a great day, and definitely the start of new a tradition. I look forward to traveling over to their “home grounds” soon to get involved in another great session.

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