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The Sunshine Vitamin


Although most essential micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) can be obtained by consuming a diet rich in meat, fruits, & vegetables, there is one essential micronutrient that does not occur naturally in our diet in sufficient quantities to prevent deficiency, Vitamin D.  With regular, incremental sun exposure, the skin produces all the Vitamin D that the body needs by converting UVB rays into cholecalciferol, the naturally occurring form of Vitamin D.  Unfortunately, for many of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, regular, incremental sun exposure isn’t possible, making Vitamin D supplementation necessary.  Vitamin D is essential for maintaining blood calcium levels, and has recently been found to be crucial in cancer prevention.  For more information on this vitally necessary micronutrient, consult the Vitamin D Council.

Over Head Squat
5 5 5 5 5 @ 85% 5rm

Workout of the Day:
20 push up 1 sit up
19 push up 2 sit up
work all the way till
1 push up 20 sit up

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