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Paleo Flow chart

CFD Lookgoodfeelgood inaugural challenge.

If you are considering the challenge , you need to register with us before thursday the 19th.I need to have everyones name so i distribute the food plans and organise body composition test times for saturday.

Sign-up today and take the first step in making 2012 your fittest year yet!
Mail me at

Crossfit dublin is more than a gym, it’s a community of support, education, and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals.


Workout of the day:

Testing day
Row 2k for time

Rest 10 mins

Front Squat 70/50KG
Chest to bar Pull-up- Pullups (scale with jumping pullups, bar height at mid-forearm)

Neck pain? Headaches? Shoulder pains? Time to do this exercise
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