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Saturday's "Cindy"

Guys after speaking to you a few of you its sounds like people are really getting on board for this
paleo eat right challenge.I will announce teams on tomorrows comments page.
Make sure to keep those points for next Monday first look at leader board.
Like i said on Saturday lets start chatting about this on the site of the crossfit Dublin facebook page.
If you have something good to share or questions throw it up there for all of us to see.

A1 Weighted pull ups 3-4 90 sec rest x 4
A2 Max ring push up’s 90 sec rest x 4

Met con
Row 500 m x 4
Rest as needed between efforts

Monday results
Girls – Suzi 12.04 (25kg), Tina 12.29(25kg), Bernie 12.45 (?)
lads – Drew 9.56 rx, Willie 10.27 rx, Dylan 10.40 rx

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