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This Robb Wolf , strength coach and author of the “the paleo solution” .A must read for a better understanding of this lifestyle change!

We will be posting the first leader board on crossfit Dublin face bookpage to be clear on the points.If you drink booze including red wine you loose your points for that day.I suggested if you HAVE to drink,keep it to red wine so it wont be so hard on your body  as much as beer and cider would for obvious reasons.I still think you should try and stay dry for the 30 days.Xmas is around the corner and you know what that brings so wait till then.

I have added a new link to the site called”Meal of the day” . It will upload a new meal for you every day andgive you ideas for the remainder of the  30 day Paleo eat right challenge.
The lunch time class is on at 11am to today!

Ring Skills
Dips, Muscle ups, Skin the cats , turnouts etc etc

Met Con
5 rounds for time
30kb swing 24/16
30 pull ups

I will have 2 scaled versions of the WOD on the board for you guys
who have just joined the crossfit communityy.

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