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Getting the stretch on after the WOD

Breaking down the Deadift

Game time!

Yesterday we welcomed the leinster rugby team down the D Pound for a taste of the crossfit cooley .
The workout was10-1 ladder of 110kg Deadlift ,40kg truster and ring push ups with 20m bears crawls between sets.
The target was to get sub 19.We just missed it by a few seconds.We are doing it next Wednesday in class so bring it on!

Here is the first week results from our paleo eat right challenge , and its tight!

Hunters 1124
Gatherers 1121

keep up the great work everyone, already hearing about some serious gains and body comp change and its just 1/3 of the way.

If you have  something to say on this, post it to comments

Burgener warm up and skills transfer

Met Con
Amrap in 12 mins
6 squat snatch 50/30
12 push ups
24 double under

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