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The thin line between intensity and cheating yourself

If we  start with some basic physics. Work is equal to force times distance (W=F*D). Power output is equal to work per unit time (P=W/T). Power output or “intensity” is also directly correlated to fitness. Increased fitness is really an increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Basically the more stuff you can move and the faster you can do it, the fitter you are. Intensity is therefore the key to maximizing fitness.

Intensity means treating each workout like a competition and truly giving it as hard as you can (not as hard as the person beside you). All CrossFit workouts are scored (time/points) for this reason. Scoring allows us to compare our fitness with others and to track our progress. Competing with others is a great way to make intensity a little more fun, because the feeling of intense workouts is not necessarily always enjoyable.

This is not to say that your workout should be so intense that your form dissipates rapidly within the first few minutes. This could lead you to the point of dangerous movement(s). Intensity and consistency are equally important.

As mentioned by Greg Glassman before: “Men will die for points”. As a coach I have seeing this more and more. Not every individual shares this, but it is very common. Depending on your athletic background it may be natural to become even more competitive. This is not by any means a bad characteristic.

It becomes a negative issue when your form starts to decrease or be affected negatively. Bad form not only can lead to injury, but also will cheat your body from a good workout.

If you ran your hardest for only 50% of a total distance and only timed yourself for the time ran and not the total distance. Would you feel proud of your achievement? I am sure we all would feel more proud of running our hardest the full distance. This should always be kept in mind and applied when you are doing your WOD.

An important factor that we must always remember is that you must do YOUR BEST when doing your WOD. I don’t know where it is ok to believe or accept that “your best” means having a faster time then that person that you were chasing. If pushing yourself to your hardest and that results in having a faster time , then your time means something. Until then forget the stopwatch because your time wont mean anything when you allow yourself to cheat your body in order to chase the clock. Also your best means full range of motion not half or quarter squats/pushups/pull-ups/etc.

I must say that I am guilty of this at some times too. It is very easy to become wrapped up about the time and feel good when we have a faster time, but if we cheat how honorable should we feel?

Next WOD you perform just remember this. Do your best, which will mean a high intensity. Don’t quit on yourself. Keep pushing when it hurts, because you’re not the only one that is going thru this . Use other people’s energy to push yourself, but don’t confuse it with a competition that will cheat your results.

A Push press 5 rm in 20 mins
A2 B/T sets handstand holds 30-40secs long

Met Con
For Time:
20-15-10 Ground to Overhead 55/40kg
150-100-50 Double-Unders
15-Minute time limit

Yesterdays Results
Guys – Dylan 7.48, Tommy 7.51, Willie 10.50
Girls – Tina 8.59 (25kg), Michelle 7.48 (15kg)

Times only go up if they are written on the daily results board, you can also write on the blog!!

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