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We have just passed the half-way point of our 30-day paleo eat right challenge.  Congratulations to everyone who’s been able to tough it out this far; the first two weeks are the hardest!  For those of you that didn’t make it to day 12 (or day 6), your commitment and hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and remember that you can always go gluten & dairy free on your own terms whenever you feel ready.

I have been hearing  a lot of grumblings from my CFD fellow cave people.The three common concerns that are showing up the most are

Concern #1: My friends and colleagues don’t want to eat out with me!

Eating out can be super frustrating if you’re trying to avoid sugar, gluten and dairy–I’m sure you’ve all experienced this by now.  Here are some dining out tips that you may find  helpful:

  • Before you go out with friends and shock them with your paleolicious food choices, let them know what’s up so they won’t be annoyed.  Better yet, try suggesting a specific restaurant that you know will have more options or be more accommodating.
  • Tell the waiting staff exactly what you need to avoid. Make sure you use their terminology likebreading and glazes.  Not everyone knows what glutenand dairy are so let them know you need to avoid flour and milk products.
  • Ask for substitutions or order things a la carte.
  • Just say no to cream-sauces and dressings; they’re likely to be loaded with sugar and butter. Instead order your veggies steamed or sauteed in olive oil.  Use vinegar and olive oil on your salad.

More and more restaurants are becoming much more aware of the food allergies that plague thier patrons and offering gluten-free options.

Concern #2: I’m just so tired and hungry all the time!
Check out this forum thread for more on this topic.

Concern #3: I didn’t know I had to cook this much!
This is a tough one.  It’s hard to get excited about cooking if you don’t have experience or you don’t think you’re good at it.  But like everything else, you’ll only get better with practice. The internet is a great place to start; there’s an abundance of gluten-free, dairy-free websites and blogs.


Met Con
Ladder 10 9 8 . . . . . . 1
Deadlift 110/70
Truster 45/30
Ring Push ups
20m bear crawl b/t sets

Yesterdays times
Lads – Poncho 13.26, Tommy 14.50, Dylan 14.38

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