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There’s an ever-growing body of research that suggests that new brain cells can be grown, even well into adulthood.  This is a big shift in the conventional wisdom around neuroscience, namely that once we’re past childhood, everything related to the brain is fixed and more or less immutable.

Turns out it all comes down to gene expression (as well as a little protein known as BDNF).

The article below discusses these new studies and findings, and in addition, it lists four key lifestyle factors that influence the growth of new brain cells:

  • Physical Exercise
  • Caloric Restriction
  • Curcumin
  • DHA

Read the full article here: Neurogenesis:  How to Change Your Brain

You can now buy your fish oils at the gym.

Met Con

Sort of Like Jackie”

For Time:
Row 1000m
50 Power Claean 50/30
30 Burpee pull ups

15-Minute Time Limit

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