Crossfit F.Squat & "Karen"

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Ronan in the extension of the ring L-sit



You guys that have taking the challenge for the next 30 days , please check you inbox for food plans ,shopping lists , nutritional guide from Robb wolf author of “Paleo Solution”and important time and dates for the challenge.We will leave registration open till friday evening for anyone you wants to take it on.This will be a life changing experience , you will gain great knowledge around food and the food choices you make form here on.Food has a massive part to play in our lifetime and will have a big say in how we are healthwise in the immediate and long term future.This is something you should be serious about.


Mind body registration will start form the 1st of febuary , from there onwords you will have to log on to our mind body page (the current schedule page on the web site) and book you place in the classs you wish to train at.I will blog about this more tomorrow on the pros of having a system like this in place for you the client and for the gym/coachs to be more professional in there running of the session.

Please register at here Mindbody to allow you to book your training times.

Workout of day:
A-Front squat 3-4 or 6-8 x 4 @30X2
Rst 3-mins

B- 10-15 CTB pullups x 4
Rst 3 mins


150 wall balls for time @ 10/6kg

The five-a-day health plan
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