Crossfit – Fran wk4 training

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****Reminder – We will be retesting benchmark workout no1 “Fran” next Tuesday the 8th of May.See what your last effort was so you can come in that day an improve on it.Remember its progression we are looking for and not perfection

Workout of the day:

“Fran” – Team Training (Groups of 3or4 / Like in Strength)

Part 1: Playing With Thrusters (10 Minute Time Limit)

Each team starts with 1 Empty Bar. Each member takes a turn completing one rep of a Thruster. Then add 5kg to bar. Repeat the cycle of reps (1 each person). Continue adding 5kg per round. If someone drops out / Fails, then keep going until final person fails. Score is highest load lifted.

Part 2: Playing With Pull Ups (10 Minute Time Limit)

Each team takes turn performing unbroken pull ups in ladder sequence. Each person does 1, then each person does 2, then 3, then 4 …. all the way through 10 minutes. Some may drop along the way. Score is highest set of unbroken pull ups.

Part 3: Team Fran with row (Teams of 4)

Work 5 Sets. Groups of 4 people in rotation. Person 1 starts at Thrusters. Once done, they move to Pull Ups, and person 2 starts Thrusters. Etc.

30 Sec. Max Rep Thrusters (42.5/30)
30 Sec. Max Rep Pull Ups
30 Sec. Max Effort row
30 Sec. REST
30 Sec. REST

Score Total Reps per Round.


Rx – Elite Score = 75-90+ Reps Each of Thrusters & Pull Ups

Rx – Great Effort Score = 45 + Reps of Each

Rx – Good Try Score = 30 Reps of Each

Think about it. “Fran” is 45 Reps each of Thrusters and Pull Ups. Top scores in “Fran” are sub 2 Minutes. Here we are doing a fragmented, anaerobes (mostly) alactic power version of “Fran”, with rest built in, with only 1:30 of intense work per round. Of course, there’s the added bonus of a little (possibly lactic) Row sprint thrown in for good measure too. An “Elite” CF-er would complete 2 or more cycles of “Fran” in this time frame. So, by changing the energy system, can you get more or less work done in an “average” “Fran” time?

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