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Fiona Marsh -Crossfit Bootcamp & Crossfit Kids Coach

●        Fetac Level 5 Nutrition

●        Certified Crossfit Level 1Trainer

●        Certified Crossfit Kids Trainer
About Me
I have always had a huge interest in fitness, sport & nutrition and enjoy testing my own capabilities – physically and mentally. From the moment I was introduced to Crossfit, I fell in love with the concept of “the sport of fitness.” and like nothing I had tried before it pushed me out of my comfort zone and continues to test my boundaries three years on! My interest in the programming and coaching of Crossfit spurred me on to take the Level 1 Trainer course and I am enjoying using what I have learnt through Crossfit to introduce others to the sport and to help them reach their fitness goals.
With the shocking stats on child obesity in Ireland and the increasing sedentary lifestyle kids now lead, I decided to undertake the Crossfit Kids Trainer course. There is no better time to provide this generation with the tools they need to develop healthy living habits in a fun way. My goal is teach proper movement mechanics and create broad athletic foundations with children so that they build a lifelong love for health and fitness. The emphasis will be to make children faster, stronger, fitter, and more capable, whilst doing it in a fun way, so that they want to do it, again & again!

What is Crossfit Kids?
Crossfit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of Crossfit, it is absolutely Crossfit geared and designed for a special population and their specific development needs (neurological, cognitive and motor). It combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across a range of general physical skills, and delivers fitness that is, by design, broad, general & inclusive. The programme is scaled in terms of load and intensity so that the same routines can be used for a four year old as for an experienced teenager.

Kid’s brains are like little sponges, itching to make neurological connections and adaptations.
The more kids can be exposed to when they are young and at peak development, the more connections and capacities they develop and retain for the rest of their lives.

We will also teach sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, listening skills, self-discipline and manners. These are all skills, though not physical, that will help kids become successful later in life.

One of the main reasons we are starting the kids classes in Crossfit Dublin is we want to instil the value of fitness at an early age, and teach kids that fitness is fun.  If children grow up associating working out with being something enjoyable and clearly seeing the benefits, then they are more likely to keep fitness as a priority throughout their lives. Eating healthy becomes a natural and normal choice and being active becomes something they just do. Enrolling kids in an all-encompassing program like Crossfit kids also shows children health and fitness is something their parents prioritize and want to educate them about.

Get Involved
We are delighted to be launching Crossfit Kids Dublin this February 2012 for Kids aged 6-12yrs
Classes will be run on Saturdays @ 10am-10.30am in Crossfit Blackrock

Location: Crossfit Dublin, Sweetman Avenue, Blackrock

Price: For the launch of the programme in Crossfit Dublin we are offering the monthly course of 4 sessions FREE OF CHARGE…

However we need the commitment from you, the parent, to have your child attend each Saturday session for the month of February.

For this we will ask for a commitment deposit of €110, which is fully refundable once your child attends all of the 4 session during the month of February.
Following the FREE introductory month the membership costs will be:
Current Crossfit Dublin Members:                  €55 for 4 sessions a month
Non Crossfit Members:                                                 €70 for 4 sessions a month

Limited Places available for the introductory month of Feb…So contact Fiona today to secure your child’s place


To register your child for the month of February please email Fiona

Or Fiona 087-9497266

Or Michael on 085-1599410


Workout of the day:
4 sets
A1 back squat 6-8 @20X1
Rest 2 mins

A2 ring/push ups – max reps
Rest 2 mins


250 m row
15 Truster 42.5/30
25 burpees
15 Truster 42.5/30
250 m row

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