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Looking Back at 2011

Written by Michael Price

It’s a new year, and time to set new goals and strategies for achieving them.  But before we get too far down that road, I would like for everyone to spend a few minutes reflecting on everything that was accomplished in 2011.  We all experienced our own battles and achievements in 2011, and I would like to hear about yours in our comments.  Here are some of the 2011 highlights for CFD:

January 2011

  • Training for the CrossFit Games commenced in earnest with more than 6 individuals supporting each other in their pursuit of testing themselves in competition.
  • The inaugural Paleo “eat right play right” Challenge was launched!  More than 70 competitors joined the first challenge and saw phenomenal results.

February 2011

  • Albert launched is mobility for performance seminar that was a great success in educating people around how to stay mobility for performance
  • We started out serious of trail runs that led up to the Spink run in Glendalough.

March 2011

  • New toys arrived at CFD!  We added a couple of Concept 2 ergs, new barbells, ropes and more.
  • Our 6 athletes that part in the Crossfit Games Open, 2 qualified for the European regionals which Tina finished in the top 15 and I finished at 30 .
  • Our dedicated Saturday Strength session started .

April 2011

  • I attended the OPT Coaching Certification Program module in which set off a chain of improvements for our coaches and athletes, and manifested in some programming shifts that helped our members become even stronger and healthier.
  • End of paleo challenge BBQ .Andy Marky  Dr Niamh Daly is announced winner of the paleo challenge.
  • Dave does a 1000 burpees for “Haul for Nepal” and raises a €1000.
  • CFD welcome the H cup winning leinster team to the pain cave for a taste of what we do on a daily basis.

May 2011

  • Crossfit Dublin began offering semi-private coaching, combining the benefits of programs designed specifically for an individual, private coaching and the support of a few of your peers at an investment that many more individuals could afford.

June 2011

  • Dave and albert complete crossfit olylifting with mike Burgener in Italy
  • Second Mobility workshop is held on upper body movement

July 2011

  • The CrossFit Games!!!  The Games dominated the month

August 2011

  • Carlingfort roadtrip , 20 CFD members take to the road for a great event
  • We launch our PR white board , and it gets filled up very quickly.

September 2011

  • I visit Phionex Arizona for my OPT program design and physical assessment module.
  • CFD signs on its second location in Dublin
  • Our good friend and fellow crossfit Michael O’riordan survives a serious bus crash , he is well on his way to a great recovery .soon to be seen squatting .

October 2011

  • CFD Launch’s its 101 and 201 programs.
  • We open the doors of CFD central.

December 2011

  • Albert gets engaged to his long term girl friend and CFD member Maria .Congrats guys
  • Over the course of the year we have celebrated the birth of more than a 3 CFD babies with several more scheduled to arrive within the next couple of months.  A huge congratulations to all of the proud parents of CFD babies!

All in all, 2011 was a very successful and rewarding year.  I am confident that 2012 will be even better.

Workout of the day : Split jerk and baseline test.

Take 12-15 minutes to work on technique and build to a heavy, but not 1-RM,Split Jerk;

and then,


Two rounds for time of:

20 Thrusters (60/40.)

20 Pull-Ups

20 Burpees

( We will be using this workout as a baseline test.  It will be tested quarterly, go hard so you have a basis for tracking improvement in the year to come.)

Winter Diets?  Chill the Extremeties
*post thoughts to comments

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