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James ‘OPT’ FitzGerald Learning Program to Ireland and UK for the first time! The modules Level 1 Assessment Module  which will be given for 2 days in April. This module is one of the modules in James very ambitious training program to improve “CrossFit” model for training, and to build on the model of the seemingly random “black-box”-driven training method. OPT tries to link together several factors for successful performance, and recognize more factors to this than just exercise – such as how lifestyle factors contribute to increased performance. To reach a person’s highest potential, so you simply can not ignore sleep, diet, hormonal balance, stress and everything else that affects an exercise program.

James is very highly regarded in the CrossFit world, where he has always been a pioneer and always gone his own way, determined to experiment and find the answers in how to get and be a better and healthier athlete. James himself won the CrossFit Games 2007, and since then his program placed a lot of athletes in the top of both the CrossFit Games and in prominent positions in specific sports. Do not miss the chance (which may never come back) to take advantage of James  knowledge to make you a better coach or athlete!

OPT CCP EP Level 1 Assessment Module – 14-15 April 2012

Register on or before March 10, 2012: $895
Register after March 10, 2012: $995

Book your place here – to book place

We have a limited number of places , so book your place today through the links giving! , when prices for the separate rates will be raised slightly, so first come first served! The Assessment module is a requirement for program Design module.

The course is taking place at CrossFit Dublin, for 2 days in April, and questions about living or traveling may be directed to Questions about course content or the payment referred to .

For more information on each course go to .

“My goal is to create a package of coaching fundamentals for Individuals who want to learn, instruct and Become a master in the ever evolving world of fitness.

I have been Associated with Leading members of the fitness industry for years now and know what is a good path for Success Within this profession. I want to improvement and distinguish between who is a coach and who instructs fitness classes. The OPT CCP is for Individuals looking to build upon Their current knowledge and take Their coaching to new levels. I use the word coach as I believe in and understandings the passion behind what this word Means – a person who embodies and Teaches from a sound knowledge base the aspects of physical wellness.

My belief Is that there needs to be aspects of nutrition, lifestyle consulting, physical assessment, exercise program design and business savvy as major tools That this coach Should have. I also believe That coaches are more than educators but role models, life advisories and Leading community members That Have father Reaching impacts for us all.The OPT CCP is Designed to help Individuals realize Their own potential. This speed been a passion of mine for sometime now to share and evolve with These coaches to create change in the fitness profession, that time has come.”

James FitzGerald

Owner, Director of

Optimum Performance Training Inc.

Workout of day:

3 rounds for time:
Row 500m
12 Deadlift – body weight
21 Box jumps – 24’/20′

Beginners use ½ body weight and less height on the box jump.partner  up on this .1 goes and the other judges.You will need 20 mins for each group.

Worth all the Sweat?
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