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what should 95% look like
95% out put – note the transition from one movment to the next ,also the speed of the reps in the KBS and the row was held at 125-127 split.In all it a conscious consistent tough to keep intensity high the whole way.

Attention all Crossfiters!  Your cooking problems are no more!
My name is John MacGovern and over the last couple of months I have been develping tasty paleo meals.  When i was training with Crossfit Dublin back in the Sandyford days I found that after a tough session the last thing you want to do is go home and start slaving over a hot stove.

Like many people, I’ve a busy lifestyle but finding the time to train is important to me. But just as important is eating well afterwards. Having trained as an accountant , I know the demands of working in an office and the time constraints it can impose. A couple of years ago I changed career path and for the last 18 months I’ve been working as a chef in one of Dublin’s most popular restaurants. Food is very important to me. Like everyone, I want to get the most out of my training and a vital component of that is eating well. The problem is the that it takes a lot of time. I’m by no means the only person with this problem and recently I’ve been trying to develop some tasty but healthy meals for people who lead busy lives but want to keep fit and eat well. So I would like to introduce you to my ‘Whole Food’.  I have 3 paleo dishes ready to go right now for you guys to taste. I will be down in Blackrock giving out samples later on this week and I’ll be ready to take orders in a couple of weeks but for now enjoy the tasters!

Workout of the day:
A. Push press 3-4or 6-8 x 5 @20×1
Rest 3mins
3 rounds at 95%
5 muscle ups or progression that allows to maintain intensity
15 KB swings 32/24 – Heavy + fast
350m row
rest 5 mins

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