Crossfit Perpetua London is recruiting…

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Crossfit Perpetua London is recruiting…


• Come and be part of an established, proven apprenticeship program aimed at developing young coaches into business owners.

• Not only do we have the biggest and most well equipped fitness facility in London, we implement revolutionary business systems that truly professionalize the industry.

Get paid a professional wage (50-100K per annum) for doing something you love as a coach

• If you’re looking for longevity in the fitness industry you need to be surrounded by proven business systems. Systems that were designed to support you both financially and personally.

Find out more by sending your CV to:

James’ story:

• Studied at Loughborough University for 5 years. Bsc and Msc
• International hockey player
• Started PT business which left himself overworked, overtired, and with no long-term plan. An unsustainable lifestyle.
• Approached by Crossfit Perpetua in July 2013.
• Given tools to sell, retain clients and generate referrals. Everything he needed to be self-sufficient.
• Given large ownership over own hours worked each week.
• Part of one of the most successful Crossfit coaching teams in the UK with a clear long-term goal and path to achieve it.
o Month 1:
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £600
o Month 6:
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £2,250
o Month 12:
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £3,000
o Month 18:
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £3,500+

“The apprenticeship here has been life changing. The team environment and business systems make it a highly rewarding and satisfying place to work, and the apprenticeship program ensures you have the tools and coaching expertise necessary to be very successful. Above all I have a sustainable lifestyle and clear long-term vision within the industry. I take huge pride in being part of the ambitious, progressive and professional team that is Crossfit Perpetua.”

Rusty’s story:

• Moved from Australia to London to make my PT millions
• Landed a job as Personal Training Manager of one of the biggest “globo gyms” in London.
• Became frustrated at lack of space, equipment, edacity at peak times during CrossFit styled workouts and felt stretched trying to develop the high turnover of personal trainers
• Worried about taking holidays or time off due to the fluctuating trend that is the fitness industry
• Moved to CrossFit Perpetua a place where I could develop not only my skills as a coach but as an CrossFit athlete
• The coach compensation program offered at CFP would reward me with the same amount or more each month for less hours worked also means… PAID holidays!!!
• Further realization that my salary would continue to grow as the business continued to grow rewarding hard work and dedication as I became a mentor – Senior Coach
o Month 1:
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £600
o Month 6:
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £2,250
o Month 12: Senior Coach with 1 apprentice
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £3,800
o Month 18: Senior Coach with 2 apprentices
• Avg 30 hour coaching week – £4,750+

“I’ve been in the fitness industry a long time, now the coaches I develop and work with are proven to be the most professional and highest earning CrossFit coaches in the industry.
A self-sufficient team dedicated to developing a culture, pursuit of knowledge and changing people’s lives.
An environment where learning is paramount and gains are a result of studied success. Making the gym more of a school than just a gym, educating clients and coaches alike.
The Perpetua Coach apprenticeship program is the most comprehensive program I have been apart of, encouraging coaches to be think more entrepreneurial. More like an owner than an employee.
Skills of marketing for referrals, managing events and member retention are just as important as smashing out workouts and social media.
Oh yeah and we always have time to Crossfit too”


Perpetua coaches are made up of…

Team players

Above all else, they are looking to make a life-long career out of being a coach.

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