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The Pose Method® is a system for teaching human movement, which was developed by 2-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov. The name of the method comes from the word “pose” or “body position”. According to the Pose Method® website,, “The Pose method is a simple and comprehensive biomechanical model which eliminates injuries and enables every runner from novice to elite to fully utilize their physiological potential.”[While POSE Method can be applied to any human movement, it is mostly known for running technique – Pose Running. One of the main characteristics is, with the Pose Method, runners land on their forefoot (ball of foot), on a slightly bent knee with hips over the ball of foot. It has been said that Pose Method differs from ChiRunning in that ChiRunning has runners land on the mid-foot (where the contact with the ground happens with the entire surface of the sole – flat foot),Another marked difference that characterizes the Pose Method is how gravity is utilized to propel the body forward, in a sort of “falling.” This enables the runner to keep his General Center of Mass (GCM) directly over his feet.

Workout of the Day:

Pose Running drills
3 Rounds
Run 800m
rest 2 minutes
Run 400m
rest 1 minute
Run 200m
Rest 3 minutes

Level 2- 2 Rounds
Level 1- 2 Rounds 400,200,100m

Use a white board and keep track of your times. Make sure you rest the exact amount of time allotted. Subtract 15 minutes for your total time (if RX).

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