Crossfit – Pre-class Huddle!


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Pre-class Huddle!
At the start of each class, we are encouraging all Members and their Coach to gather around the board.

We want to do this for two reasons. (A) to go through what you guys will be doing in the class that day and (B) so you guys can get to know each other.  While we as Coaches know your names, it can be more difficult for you guys to remember everyone, as you might not see them every day. Also, it is nice for the newbies to get to know their fellow CrossFitters and this will also help them to get more settled into the classes. We are building a great community here! It takes a special type of person to come in to CrossFit Dublin and push themselves to their limits so we encourage you to work in classes with people that you both know and do not know! So next time you see someone new, go up and introduce yourself!!

CFD In-house comp

This is your chance to compete at your own gym with people you are familiar with. We have offered 3 different levels to try to accommodate everyone. There will be no other classes scheduled for Saturday, Sept 29th so why not join the fun! We have lots of interest and would like to see everyone involved ! The WODs will be released on the Wednesday night prior.

Lynda on the Podium

Eoghan taking on the 1rm Clean & Jerk

A big congratulations to Lynda and Eoghan who both competed at the Crossfit Waterford  Throwdown on the weekend. Lynda took down 3rd place and Eoghan took 6th place.

This weeks workouts on the blog below

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