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Our welsh brothers .....;)

We where joined on the weekend by the national welsh team at CFD fort their pre match primer session .The idea behind it is if they wake up heavy from the the hard week of training leading into game day , they come in throw some weight around to fire up and prime the body for the 80 mins ahead.They where blown away by our gym and felt like been there it gave them a feeling it was time to go to work.Its just a pity it wasn’t the boys in green.Next time lads???

This Saturday we will be holding a workout of i have been wanting CFD members to do for a long time.You will need to book in with us so we can give you a time to come in a try it .Its a true test of fitness and metal strength to hold a certain pace so you can finish with in the time limit .Here is the workout

10 rounds for time
500 m row
15 burpees

Time limit for men will be 35 mins and the ladys will be 40.The best time I know of for men is 27.40.If you are interested mail me at so i can book you a time. There will be regular saturday class times with its own WOD going on.

Workout of the day:
A .Press a 1rm or 3rm in 15 mins
Rest 3 mins b/t sets
4 rounds for time
5 wall climbs
15 kb swings-heavy
25 Sit ups

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