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Guys as you already know our athlete Tina made it into the top 60 women corssfitters in europe which qualifies her into  crossfit games european regional .I asked her to write something on her experience so far with crossfit and her time at CFD.Here is what she had to say

2005 was when it all started for me. I graduated from college with a diploma and the typical “freshman 15”. The first paycheck came in and I joined a gym on the spot. I started out with a personal trainer just to get going and learn some basic technique, but the next 5 years were self taught. I spent a LOT of time reading articles, watching videos and paying attention to other people working out. I was putting together my own training schedules but I kept hitting plateaus and couldn’t seem to break past them with any combination of training. Plus I was extremely bored. The atmosphere in the gym was quickly becoming unmotivational, it seemed to be all about physical appearance and physique, training for the wrong purposes. I needed a change and after a few months here in Ireland I decided to look more into this Crossfit that everyone at home kept talking about. Ever since I started Crossfit at the end of September 2010, my capabilities and physique had gone in directions I had only wished for previously. I was tracking my workouts and my weight lifting, and telling myself every week that I had to beat what I had previously done. It wasn’t long before I was saying, “Ya that weight could have been heavier. Maybe my time would have been a bit slower but who cares.” Sometimes you have to sacrifice something to make a gain in another area. Pretty soon I was attempting the wod’s rx’d save for a few skills I have yet to master. But if you don’t set yourself a target going into the next week how will you ever get there?? I won’t ever look back to the cookie cutter gyms and isolation exercises I was forcing myself to try and enjoy. I am the fittest I have been in my entire life because of Crossfit, but I suppose it helps that I am a competition junky, always have been, and I push with all I’ve got. The motivation and drive you get from pushing yourself to kick the next person’s ass is priceless. Thats what makes Crossfit so successful, aside from the disgustingly difficult wod’s that leave you begging for an early death, you’re part of a team but an individual at the same time so there’s always some competition in the air, against yourself and everyone else around you. Then one day a few weeks back the Crossfit Games Open is announced and I figured I’d give it a go and see where I stacked up against other people. Michael Price said I would likely do alright, and I said ‘pfffttt  sure, sure, I’m still new at this, but lets see what happens, what have I got to lose really.” So here I am, 7 months in and qualifying for Regionals. Never thought I could do it but you never know if you can or can’t unless you just give it a go. You don’t have to come from a serious training or athletic background to succeed at Crossfit and reach your goals, you just have to be willing to leave you shit at the door and give it your all every time you step in the box!

Tina Popp- Crossfit athlete, enthusiast and junky!


Kipping Pull up


Strict Pull up
Work up to heavy 1rm

Met Con:
KB Swings 24/16
Box Jumps 24″/20″
Push ups

Just how dangerous is sitting down all day?
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