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Nice Ferg ! you go boy . Thats 32kg hanging off you .Congrats to Hazel on her 5 kg weigthed pull up

Fifteen things I’ve learned under the bar…

1.  You can always do one more rep
2.  Never count yourself out before you start your workout that day…
3.  Believe in yourself and watch what happens
4.  Some days you have it.. some days you don’t
5.  The butterfly’s never really go away
6.  Believe in your training and leave nothing to chance
7.  Happiness doesn’t lie within your score or placing but within the will to give it your all
8.  It’s only gonna hurt as much as I think it will, or so I tell myself that
9.  Nothing beats lifting heavy sh#$ with long rest time
10.Lessons learned in the gym resonate in the real world
11.Always have fun
12.When my body says no more my mind says one more
13.Nothing feels better than setting a new PR
14.I have so much more to learn
15.This is only the beginning….

Next Fundamentals class
The next fundamentals sessions will start up on May 31st th at 7:30 pm. This class runs Tues and Thurs week 1 and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday week 2.

A1 Squat 3 x 6 rest 20 secs
A2 30sec Handstand hold x 6 (or as long as possible)rest 4 mins

Met con:
Amrap in 5 mins
5 Truster 45/30
5 burpees
score reps
(we will partner up for this one, partner 1 will go and partner 2 will score and judge, and then swap rolls)

Crossfit .com just announced the workouts for the regionals ,crossfit just gone crazy !check em out

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