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Congrats to Leo and the Leinster team on the weekend , unreal second half performance . Did any one notice when they step up that speed of the game Northhampton could not live with them .Another name for this is “Intensity “something we all do day in day out at CFD. Its where the real change happens and then you move closer to physical peak.But remember we don’t  sacrifice technique for  intensity. So keep the weight and reps at a place where you can up keep good movement (hold on to the ball in Leinster case ) so when you crank up the intensity movement is not sacrificed

A1 Press 3 or 5 rm x 4 rest 20 secs
A2 20m overhead lunge 20/10 plate x 4 rest 3 mins

Met con:
A.M.R.A.P in 15 mins
5 Hang power snatch 45/30
10 overhead squat 45/30
15 push ups
20 double unders

Check out what lance Armstrong twitted on over the weekend HERE

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