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Saturday's 2nd workshop of the series mobility for performance

The 2nd workshop in the series took place on sat.

Focus of the day was for the athletes present to identify their own limitations, and become aware of their mobility restrictions. You cannot address a problem you haven’t identified. Every one has a mobility issue, or a flexibility issue to work on. The same as we all have a weakness to work on in all the other 9 physical skills that crossfit recognises.

All present went away with more knowledge of their body, and movement restrictions, with the tools to make changes to them, and improve their functional performance as a result.

Biggest offenders by far across the group were, core control/awareness, hamstring, groin hip flexors and glutes flexibility. Also an alarming amount of ankle joint restrictions.

If you’re keen on improving your performance, keep an eye out for our next class running soon – and equip yourself to tackle your mobility restrictions heads on.

A1 Weighted pull ups 3-4 90 sec rest x 4
A2 Max ring push up’s 90 sec rest x 4

Met Con:
400m Run
Then complete 3 rounds of:
6 Power cleans 70/50kg
12 Toes to bar
400m Run

African regionals day 3
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