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Albert and Dave with Mike Burgener at last weekend olylifting cert in Italy.Well done boys

Next Fundamentals class:
The next fundamentals sessions will start up on tuesday the 5th  at 7:30pm. This class runs Tues and Thurs week 1 and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday week 2.

The Spink run:
The spink run/jog/hike will take place this saturday .It be great to see good turn out for this workout up in the beautiful wicklow mountains.Please write your name up on the board when you come to to train next so we can get a idea of numbers and organise car share etc etc. There is only 3 names up there at the moment and if we cant get at least 5 together we will postpone  the run to a later date.

Tomorrows wod
“Fran” If you’ve not done this before dont miss your chance to take on the most infamous benchmark wod.If you have a time  to beat bring that time firmly at the front of thoughts so when its time you will have what it takes to hit a fran pb.

Workout of the day
A Deadlift 5 x 5 rest 1min(heavy but focus on tech)
A1 Ring dips 12-15 x 5rest 1 min
A2 One arm Kettlebell swings 20 x 5(10 on each arm)rest 3 mins

B. 3 minute Burpee test: AMRAP!

Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Disease
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