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Effect of 1 Week of Sleep Restriction on Testosterone Levels in Young Healthy Men

researcher comments:
“Daytime testosterone levels were decreased by 10% to 15% in this small convenience sample of young healthy men who underwent 1 week of sleep restriction to 5 hours per night, a condition experienced by at least 15% of the US working population.”- just another insight into why you need to have your sleep dialed in; only a few hours here and there can cause debt and issues come up; ask where you’re sprending your time – is it on volume of training, clean eating and foam rolling when 2 hours more per night is all you need?

Workout of the day:
5 rounds for total time
400m run
20 Deadlift 70/45
20 Push ups
10 Deadlift
10 Push ups
Rest 3 mins b/t rd’s
(When working keep power output at around 80-90%)

Higher Cholesterol Levels Associated with Lower Risk of Death from Cardiovascular Disease in Japan
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