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Connor in a good finished position

The Spink run:
The spink run/jog/hike will take place again this saturday .It be great to see good turn out for this workout up in the beautiful wicklow mountains.Please write your name up on the board when you come to to train next so we can get a idea of numbers and organise car share etc etc.Saturdays 8.30 Class is not on,People who want to run the spink this saturday we will meet at the gym at 7.30 and car share from there .I am still buzzing when i think about the run from two weeks ago.Weather is looking good to !!

Workout of the day :
Amrap in 30 mins
10 Deadlift 70/45
10 Deck squats w tuck jump
10 Push ups(perfect form)
200m framer walk

Rethinking Periodization – Part 3
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