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Chalk Bucket!!

Chalk Bucket!!what a mess

How many people have ripped hands today?  How many of you used chalk in yesterday/todays workout or ever?  How many of you have used way too much chalk in a workout or do you know how much is too much?  For many of you this may be your first experience with using chalk during workout.

The purpose of using chalk during workouts like ours is for the times when your hands have become too sweaty to create an adequate grip on the pull up bar or barbell.  Chalk helps create that grip.  That being said, you only need a tiny little bit of chalk, applied once at the beginning of your workout.  That’s it!!

No more than a tiny little bit and clap them together gently inside of the bucket not while walking away like your trying one of keith Barry’s magic tricks.  If there’s chalk outside of the bucket, then there also must have been a momentary bend in the laws of physics – as it is physically impossible to have chalk all over the place if the above directions have been followed.

Why not coat your hands in chalk you ask?  Firstly, not only does it create a mess for us, but it creates problems for you its unnecessary and will actually lead to your hands ripping. It won’t make you superhuman or increase your strength. It also creates a mental dependency, which causes you to do ridiculous things like chalk up every single time you fall from the pull-up bar.
So guys please use it wisely, use it sparingly and use it correctly.  We do our best along with most of to keep the place clean each day/during and after workouts.

If not we will have to bring in burpee plenty’s which we really don’t want to do, and  we will get rid of chalk all together if that does not do the job.

Notice: This saturday the 23rd we will be having bio signature(body fat) retesting at the gym from 10.30 , the cost willl be €35.Please let us know if your coming in to get your readings tested after the last 4 weeks of better diet ,rest les stress and higher order of training me at for a time slot .For you guys who missed the first reading you have another opportunity to try this time.Aiden killgallon will be taking the readings on the day and he is a a registered bio signature tester.This a great way to set down a marker for the summer , train hard ,eat well and get some sun ,then get tested agin and see in black white where you stand. Below is a brief outline on what is biosignature
“Biosignature goes beyond standard bodyfat testing and reveals your personalized blue print for faster fat loss. Have you ever noticed that your body has an annoying habit of constantly storing fat in certain areas? This is a result of our body being smarter than we think. Bodyfat gravitates toward certain areas due to specific and individualized hormonal imbalance, and when you just cannot seem to shift the fat, it is your body’s way of sending you a message.
Biosignature Modulation was developed by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. After working with athletes for 30years Charles noticed repeated correlations between lab based hormonal changes and site based body fat changes. It involves a calipers and taking measurements from 12 different sites inputed into a software to give your result. This is known as the Biosignature system”

WTD pull ups
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
5 5 5 5 5

Met Con:
400 m run
21 kettlebell swing 24/16
12 pull ups
3 rounds

Bad Moods?
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