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Tina going to through the standards in yesterdays session

8.30 Class is not on, its a run on the Spink
People who want to run the spink this morning we will meet at the gym at 7.30 and car share from there .

11.30 Met Con:
In teams of 4-5, one at each station. The athlete on rowing machine dictates the time spent at each station. Each person rows their first round at 500m, second round at 350m, and third round at 200m.

The stations are:
• Row
• Double unders
• Ab-mat situps
• Wallballs 10/6kg
• Rest

Add reps continually at each station until everyone has completed their three rotations through the row, record your score @ rest time

Saturday strength session : @2.00pm
Back squat
Bench Press

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