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Jump over a floc of sheep

CFD Carlingford throw-down:
Our trip to carlingford over the weekend was a great success, the 20 crossfittters that made the trip showed great heart and determination during the individual and team workouts and then let the.We split the groups into 2 team and each team captain picked a member of there team to challenge a individual from the other team in 1 of the 5 workouts.Once everyone had finished there wod we took it to the pier in the middle of the town for the team event where each member had to complete a certain amount of reps in different movements which finished with Nick(THE FISH) and Davy goin head to head in a 150m sea swim.EveryoneS workout was a close one and was great to spectate people trying so hard for them selves and to get that point for there team.After there was serious slap up meal of surf and turf in Maggees restaurant then to the the local guys and gals that made the trip I’d love to read your thoughts and experience on comments  so the guys who did not make it can have a idea of what to expect on our spring throw down.

We will be doing this trip next spring and on a bigger scale to some new destination in ireland.You guys that missed out this time be sure not to in the spring it will be a great event and we will be opening it up to all crossfitter around the country  to come a compete at crossfit and hangout with good people like yourselves that embrace the pain!

Personal Records (PR whiteboard)

From the start of september we will have a monthly PR white board goin in the gym, when you hit a pr on one of the lifts or benchmark wod you will write if up on the board and we will post them at the end of the month for the rest of you crossfitting piers to see .Its important everyone joins in on this cause no matter where you are at in you fittest a PR a PR and it needs to be recognized by you and everyone else.

Workout of the day:

A. Press: 3/5 x 5, rest 3 min
B1. Ring Dips: 4 x 10-15, rest 90 sec
B2. KB Swings: 4 x 15 heavy! rest 90 sec
C. 3 min calorie row

No Single Cause of (or Treatment for) Obesity
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