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Monday's fundamentals class

Personal Records (PR whiteboard)
From the start of september we will have a monthly PR white board goin in the gym, when you hit a pr on one of the lifts or benchmark wod you will write if up on the board and we will post them at the end of the month for the rest of your crossfitting piers to see . Its important everyone joins in on this cause no matter what your level of fitness a PR is a PR and it needs to be recognized by you and everyone else.

A1 Deadlift x4 (5 tough touch and go – go heavier per set while maintain perfect) – rest 20 secs
A2 Ring dips x4 12-15 reps – rest 3 mins.

Met Con:
AMRAP 7 mins
5 Deadlifts 100/60kg
10 kb swings
15 CTF push up’s

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