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opt "james fitz" . Winner of the inaugural crossfit games 2008

Bring a friend day:
*This saturday at 10.30.Please do your best to make it *

Hey guys just wanted to drop this note on bring and friend day . We already have 8 or so people bring and firend or family member to our open day.We all have someone who could beneit from crossfit and the community we have here at CFD. So have a think and see if you can get the person to come along with you for the session.We have a good partner workout in store . Should be a lot of fun.Here is the idea we have for the day .
“Tired of trying to explain what Crossfit is or why you love  CrossFit to your friends, family, partner and colleagues?We all have some one in our lives who need this or could really benefit from the training, community and all round positive experience .We at Crossfit Dublin will now be hosting “Bring a Friend Day”! Do a teamed workout with them so they can find out for them selves and make up there own minds about CrossFit . This is a great opportunity to share what you do with the people that matter in your life and get them involved in the thing that makes your life a little easier and most of all get them fit and healthy.

This will take place on this September 10th 2011 @ 10.30am , you will need to to sign your name and the friend that you bringing on the day.”

Thanks again From all your coaches at CFD

A1 Press 3 or 5 rm x 4 rest 10 secs
A2 15-20 unbroken kipping pull ups x 4 rest 5 mins

Met Con:
3 rounds
10 swings
10 box jumps
run 250m
30 double unders
rest 60 sec at the top of a push up

6 Potatoes a Day?
*post thoughts to comments

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