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Yesterday lunch time crew

Michael returned from OPT’s  Level I CCP seminar last weekend in physical assessment and program design . He’s currently the only coach in training on this side of the pond .

The OPT Coaches Certification Program, designed and run by Crossfit Games champion James FitzGerald, is helping Michael take to a new level his knowledge and application of nutrition protocols, lifestyle consulting, physical assessment, exercise program design, and business savvy.

Michaels depth and breadth of knowledge is most commonly expressed in Crossfit Dublin class programming, which includes a unique blend of strength, conditioning, mobility and skill work.

If you really want a custom-tailored fitness and nutrition prescription, though, you can set up a one-on-one consultation by emailing

He will be introducing some new techniques around our programming for strength, conditioning and mobility over the next few months that we believe now will lead to a better balanced fittest for all of us .The first thing i will be bring in is tempo with weight training and self loading exercises.Another way of saying tempo is time under tension.Todays back squat has atempo of 30×0 which means 3 on the  first number refers to the eccentric part of the exercise ,the second number refers to the isometric pause in the stretched position.The third number refers to the concentric contraction and the fourth number refers to the isometric pause in the shortened position.The reason for tempo….


This subject is one of the most overlooked elements of exercise technique. Tempo for weight training or resistance training is the actual speed of each repetition and can bring about different training adaptations. Our neuromuscular system not only adapts the type, range, and specificity of motion, but the speed of motion as well.

The human body has mechanoreceptors within the joints, connective tissues, and muscles that monitor the type, range, and specificity of motion, and also the speed of motion. The type of muscle force is not as important as the rate of force production. So there will be specific tempo’s to use for targeting specific types of strength gains.

Slower tempos with pauses at the eccentric-isometric phase (where muscles are lengthened) could be better for targeting maximum strength and isometric strength gains. So faster tempos with no pause at the eccentric-isometric phase that induce a stretch reflex would be more appropriate if training for explosive strength and increasing power.

Today drop back to 80 – 90% of your current 5 rep max and try and hold the tempo .

A1 Back Squat 5 5 5 5 5 @30×0 x 5 Rest 3-5 mins

Met Con:
21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift 100/60kg
Handstand push-ups

Improving Self Discipline with Training
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