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Bring a friend.

CFD central coming soon
CFD Dublin central will be opening in the grand canal/IFSC district in early october.If you are transferring from the Blackrock location to town or  need some info on the new setup then please let us no by emailing and we will ge back to you.

Bring and firend
Thanks and well done to all who showed for bring a firend , i think all the folks you showed their first insight into crossfit got a real eye opener to what it means to have a balanced fittness. I also think they have a new found respect for all you current crossfitters and the work  you put in when you show up. To know the gains you must know the pain.

Next Fundamentals class:
The next fundamentals sessions will start up on tuesday the 20th at 7:30pm. This class runs Tues and Thurs week 1 and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday week 2.*sold out*Next fundamentals the 4th of october . 3 spots available

Workout of the day:
5 – 7 sets A.F.A.P.
5 heavy front squat
10 burpees
15 pull ups
rest 3-5 mins

Sets and rest time depends on your training to date and current ability .

Born, and Evolved, to Run
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