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Conan O’Donnell

1.How were you introduced to Crossfit?

A good friend of mine told me about this bootcamp/fitness type thing called crossfit that his older brother (maddogg) was doing with a friend of his from Blackrock. He told me about the workouts they were doing and that his brother was getting into great shape (what a babe he is now!). When I first heard about it I thought it sounded like something I wanted to get into as I have always wanted to be ripped but a combination of not being arsed and not being sure if I was ready for something that intense led me to stay away.

I should say that at this time in my life I was pretty much smashing the sessions on a weekly basis, going out for one drink on a Friday afternoon with friends (perfectly fine) and coming home two days later (not so fine) was a regular occurrence for me and I think I was getting to a stage were a change was needed before some bad habits started emerging which would not have been desirable for a young man such as myself. So I started going out less, doing a bit of exercise and realized that it was much better to live your life feeling good rather than being a piss head and playing the thin whistle on the side of the street looking for a few bob! I also recognized that the things in life that make us better require hard work and discipline and that the same applies to how you treat yourself not just your approach to work and college which is how I would have lived before (so wise I know!).

With this realization together with looking into Crossfit more I decided that it was time to call Michael and sign up. After the first 20 mins in the place I honestly felt like I had found the part of my life that had been missing and I felt I could relate straight away with the methodologies and work ethic on which Crossfit is based. So that it was it basically 1 year later and it’s clear that Crossfit is much more than a bootcamp but a way of life and I’m as hungry as ever for it, as Michael would say himself… Dog gotta eat!

2.Favorite WOD/lift:

Pull ups/power cleans/double unders
3.I have always wanted to…

Walk around with my top off introducing myself to people and asking them do they want to watch me working out.
4. One word people use to describe me:


Holidays will never be the same after crossfit.

5.Outside of the gym I like to…

Go for walks in the wilderness and communicate with the animals around me through interpretive dance and singing…………………….. Eh! Just relax I guess. I’m usually in bits after a week of crossfit so I’ll take it handy enough. Probably eat a lot of food, hang out with pals etc.

6.Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:
My main interest outside of Crossift is music. I’ve been DJing since college playing Techno/House in clubs around Dublin but not so much since I became an accountant (shit buzz!). I should note however that I’d be thinking less club 92 and more rave in a basement if you were going to catch me playing! It would be a dream if all I could do was crossfit and music but such is life and we can’t all float around with long hair and sandals can we!

7.Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit:


8.Favorite place to eat in Dublin:


9.Song that gets me pumped up for a workout:

Benny Benassi feat Chris Brown – Beautiful People

10.Proudest accomplishment:

Lets keep this crossfit related as I’ve said too much already – 80kg power clean, 40kg 1 rep O/H Squat and 3 muscle ups in a row.

11. Main two things that have most improved since joining CFD?

Apart from feeling better on a daily basis and my generally confidence I would say that the two main things that have improved are shoulder mobility and my physique. I guess that’s four things!

Workout of the day:

A1 wtd ring dip/bar dip 3-4@20×0 rest 2 mins
Met Con:
30 push up(Chest to deck)
400m row @90%
rest 4 mins
25 push ups
400 m row @90%
rest 4 mins
20 push ups
row 400m @90%
Rest 4mins
15 Push ups
row 400m@90%

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