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Are you eating enough?

A common problem I’ve observed over the years: many people (myself included at times) simply don’t eat enough. It is quite possible(common actually), to depress your metabolism over time by consistently eating too little food. This is made worse if the food eaten was of low quality or nutrient poor. Periods of low calorie dieting is one way you can do this easily. I have seen athletic men who train regularly subsisting on a daily calorie total more appropriate for a pre-pubescent girl. If you want chronic fatigue, poor recovery, a heightened stress response, and a low sex drive, eating too little is a great way to get there! A low metabolic rate will actually make loosing body fat more difficult, too.

How much should you eat? Many factors control this, but I think the best formula to find out is the Harris-Benedict Equation. Run your numbers and see what you find. Then, track what you eat without judgement for a few days, then calculate what you are actually eating. (It’s best to average 5 days to a week of eating) See where you are in relation to your Harris-Benedict number.

Workout of the day:
A. power clean cluster
2 .2. 2 .2. 2 x 4 rest 3-4mins
(rest 10secs between each 2 reps then rest 3-4 mins between the 4 sets)

B. Deadlift 3 x 3 @ 3030
5min AMRAP
Ground to Overhead 70/50kg

Exercise prevents migraine ‘as well as drugs’
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