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Crossfit 101 and 201

One of the most challenging aspects of running a strength and conditioning gym, where group training is the core of its business, is to manage to maintain a standard of excellence in everything we do. The challenge is to best serve each athlete /client in the gym so that he or she keeps developing a balanced fitness and feels like they are getting the time and care they got when they joined up at the fundamental stage.

In order to best serve this end, we will be making a number of changes soon.
Firstly we will be introducing a novice class 2/3 times per week. This will be known as CrossFit 101. Each CrossFit 101 class is an instruction focused one-hour session. The aim is to cultivate an environment to learn, ask questions, and explore movement. You will develop safe technique with the fundamental barbell lifts and body weight movements we use in our training program. You will learn how to read and understand the daily “WOD”, workout-of-the-day, and how a class flows from beginning to end. In each class, we start with mobility work, then move into instruction for the movements of that day, followed by practice, and then with a short high-intensity conditioning session at the end. This class will have limited places. You will have to book in through mind-body or emailing your coach.
You may stay in 101 till your happy and confident that you feel good about your training and that your fitness and skills base has improved enough for you to challenge yourself at the daily programmed WOD’s in the CrossFit 201 class.
In CrossFit 201 classes, you will work in a group to accomplish the daily training program. Everything in a class, from the warm-ups, to the skill work, the workouts, the targeted mobility work, are all intentionally programmed everyday. You will be constantly challenged and you will be taught exercises that reflect movements in real life and sport. The fact the CrossFit 101 will be coming into effect will also allow a higher order of coaching in the crossfit 201 class
Also in our quest for excellence, we will be assigning everyone in the gym to a coach. The purpose of this is to ensure everyone has a specific member of staff they can go to discuss any issues or concerns they may have about their training, nutrition or any other issues. We will be assigning you to your coach in the next few weeks when CrossFit Dublin Central has opened its doors this Saturday. Your coach will contact you by email with their contact details and to give further detail about how the coach client partnership will work.

Time Table changes from 1st of november

Crossfit 101 will now be held at 7.30 Tuesday Thursday every week. This class has a limited number and places need to be booked with your coach or mindbody

We are also adding a second strength session off the back of the success and the gains people are making in  the Saturday morning strength session .It will take place at the 6.30 session on Wednesday .

If you have any questions please send them to

Next Fundamentals class:
The next fundamentals sessions will start up on tuesday the 1st of November at 7:30pm. This class runs Tues and Thurs week 1 and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday week 2.

Work out of the day:
A. power clean cluster
2 .2. 2 .2. 2 x 4 rest 3-4mins
(rest 10secs between each 2 reps then rest 3-4 mins between the 4 sets)
for time:
8 clean and jerk – 60/40kg
25 double unders
Row 250 m
20 double unders
8 clean and jerk – 60/40kg
20 double unders
Row 250 m
25 double unders
8 clean and jerk – 60/40kg

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