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Time Table changes from 1st of november

Crossfit 101 will now be held at 7.30 Tuesday and Friday every week. This class has a limited number and places need to be booked with your coach or mindbody.So this means there is no regular class at the 7.30 class for now.

We are also adding a second strength session off the back of the success and the gains people are making in  the Saturday morning strength session .It will take place at the 6.30 session on Wednesday .

If you have any questions please send them to

October 2011 PR,S
Tanya-double unders
dee-double unders
Alan h-back squat 77kg1rm
Marcus-front squat 65kg 3rm
Julia-power claen40kg
Be-Muscle up
alan h- FS 70 1rm
Marcus-FS 70KG
Willie-FS 106
Conour-FS 140kg
Anne-FS 50kg
Nicky- FS50KG
Lori- Front squat-1rm 37kg

Four sets of:
A1Press x 2-4 reps
Rest 60 seconds
A2Plank Hold x 90 seconds
Rest 60 seconds;

Five sets against a 60 second running clock of:
Push-ups x 10 reps
Push press x 60/40kg

Rest 60 seconds between rounds. Score is max number of Push press completed during the workout.Partner up and share bar

Grooving the Raw Squat
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